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Alpinist Film Festival Announces Open Call for Submissions

January 24, 2007 – Jackson, Wyoming – The Alpinist Film Festival is pleased to announce the creation and implementation of a new open submission policy for all forthcoming Festivals, including the 2007 Alpinist Film Festival, which takes place on March 15-17 in Jackson, Wyoming’s new Center for the Arts. The creation and implementation of an open submission policy is one of many slated advancements to take place for the Alpinist Film Festival in the near future.

Films showcased in the past were hand-selected and personally sought out by Festival Founder Christian Beckwith and others associated with the Festival. Doing so was ultimately a tiring and time-consuming task, and one that, Beckwith recollects, “ultimately narrowed and limited the scope of potential films for the Festival.”

“This is an important step for the Alpinist Film Festival to take and one that possesses many benefits for the Festival, the filmmakers, and ultimately the loyal fans that sellout the Alpinist’s events,” said 2007 Alpinist Film Festival producer Wayne Roberts. Roberts was recently hired by Alpinist Editor Beckwith to both produce the 2007 Festival and to help the Festival’s foundation in its growth and development. “The new open call policy allows the Alpinist Film Festival’s name to expand among the industry, allows greater diversity in the films that are accepted and screened, and allows the Festival the opportunity to be the starting point for new talent in the world of Adventure Filmmaking, among many others,” said Roberts.

“The change in policy was a needed advancement,” said Beckwith. “I’m very excited for the improvements the change will bring and eagerly await the chance to view relatively unknown films, the inevitable discoveries the Festival will come across in the years to come, and the relationships with new talent the change will ensue.”

The 2007 Alpinist Film Festival is currently accepting submissions for all three nights of the Festival (Snow, Surf, Stone). Submission guidelines and entry forms can be found and downloaded online at the Alpinist Film Festival’s website. Applicants interested in submitting materials to the 2007 Festival are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

The 2007 Alpinist Film Festival takes place March 15 – 17th in Jackson, Wyoming. Tickets will soon be available through The Center for the Arts and can be purchased through their box office and online by visiting the Center’s website at Information on the 2007 Alpinist Film Festival can be found on the web at or by calling Alpinist Magazine at (307) 734 – 0600.