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“Chasing Dora” Wins Peoples’ Choice Award for Surf Night

Jackson, Wyoming – March 17th, 2007 – Organizers of the 2007 Alpinist Film Festival announced today that “Chasing Dora” won the Peoples’ Choice award for its third annual Surf Night, the second evening of the 2007 Festival. As it was the previous night, the event sold out days in advance and the films were presented before a packed audience.

“Chasing Dora,” directed by T.J. Barrack and Wes Brown, chronicles a small collection of professional surfers as they abide the eccentric limitations of a surf competition created by the late Miki Dora. For the competition, competitors could use no wet suits, no leashes, nor present any logos; in addition, they had to build their own boards and use only organic materials. Featured in the film is the 2006 Alpinist Film Festival presenter Mickey Munoz, who, in addition to winning Dora’s grueling competition by surfing the furthest and longest wave off the coast of Africa, stole the evening’s show.

“As he did the year previous,” said Festival Founder and Alpinist Editor Christian Beckwith, “the heart of Mickey Munoz has won over the audience. In their voice and through their vote, ‘Chasing Dora’ has won the honors of the night by an overwhelming number.”

Gerry Lopez was the feature presenter of Festival’s Surf Night, where he helped present the film “Pipeline Masters” before the packed theatre. There he was greeted with the strongest welcome given to any Alpinist Film Festival Presenter, so much so that the humble Lopez found himself blushing. The film, which features Lopez and other contestants and champions of Hawaii’s famed Pipeline Contest, placed in second for the Peoples’ Choice Award.

“Sipping Jetsreams” was also screened at the night’s event, directed arguably by one of surfing film’s most respected directors, Taylor Steele. The film’s amazing cinematography and ethnic music mesmerized the audience as the film crew traveled the world with some of the best surfers in the industry.

“The film is absolutely gorgeous,” said Alpinist Film Festival Producer Wayne Roberts. “Within its short running time is some of the best cinematography I’ve ever seen, in addition to some of the cleanest and most unique editing. After the show you could hear people commenting on its beauty and simplicity.”

Local filmmaker David Gonzales personally introduced his film “Get Up, Stand Up.” The film features local surfers on Jackson’s famed Lunch Counter on the Snake River, and was the second film Gonzales showcased in the 2007 Alpinist Film Festival.

As was the case for the Festival’s first night, loyal fans of the Alpinist Film Festival and connoisseurs of the best in adventure filmmaking patiently waited in long queues in hopes of obtaining a ticket to the sold out event. The evening sold out days in advance and, according to all, was a resounding success.

“Originally I was worried that we would be unable to outdo ourselves, or even meet the standard that we set, after the success of Snow Night,” said Alpinist Film Festival Founder and Alpinist Editor Christian Beckwith. “But once again we’ve gone above and beyond the high expectations we’ve set for ourselves at the Alpinist. The audience and their excitement and energy is why we do this and will continue to do so for years to come.”

Those who were unable to attend the night’s event were encourage to attend the after-party at Burke’s, in addition to the closing-party that is to be held at Jackson’s new Center for the Arts after Stone Night’s conclusion.

“As I had to say – perhaps fortunately, perhaps unfortunately – to many people on Snow Night, the closing event is open to the public,” said Roberts. “So even if you weren’t able to see the evenings’ shows, we still invite and encourage you to attend the 2007 Festival’s closing.”

As the first evening of the 2007 Alpinist Film Festival demonstrated, Surf Night was a resounding success. Stone Night is now the only evening remaining, which sold out days in advance. Of the many films that will be screened include the world premiere of “The Aerialist,” featuring climbing provocateur and Alpinist Film Festival presenter Dean Potter.

“Two down, one to go,” said a tired Beckwith. “It’s about time we see how much Jackson’s got in them.”