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Sell Alpinist Magazine in your shop

Alpinist‘s retail shop program is designed to educate and engage your customers, as well as drive new customers to your shop. The program includes:

  • An online retailer locator at
  • A callout in print through an ad
  • Partnering with Alpinist to add value to your events through subscription donations and schwag
  • A free wooden counter display for your copies of Alpinist

Cover Price (US/CAN): $16.95
Frequency: 4x (Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer)
Wholesale discount (non-returnable): 60% off the cover price, or $6.78 per issue (credit card required).
Minimum Order: 5 copies

For future issues we will bill you for the number of copies you selected when each new issue is released.

Please select the number of copies you would like to carry in your store:

Get a discount subscription for your shop and employees: