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To celebrate my thirtieth anniversary of becoming an alpinist, I made a climbing traverse of the Slovenian Alps. The main purpose of the traverse was to climb thirty different routes on thirty different faces in the shortest possible time closest to a thirty-day period. The final result was thirty different routes on twenty-seven different faces with nineteen different partners in forty days. Considering the weather, this was the best one could do. In all, the marathon involved over 14,660 meters of climbing, mostly between 5.7 and 5.9. Three easier routes that I downclimbed were added to the ascents after I determined August 1 to be the final date of my project. I did this partly because of sponsors and partly for me and my family: the whole thing was in danger of dragging on.

During the traverse I once again realized how high the extreme limits of the human body are; I was far from reaching them. The traverse did burden me with many meters of walking and cycling. Lack of sleep, raw skin on my fingers and aching toes from being in climbing shoes for so long were the greatest troubles I had to face.

— Andrej Stremfelj, Slovenia