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Book of Dreams

A signed page of Yosemite Climber by George Meyers. John Long and Jim Bridwell are just two of dozens of climbers who have signed this copy, which has become a fund-raising centerpiece for Bridwell. Owner of the book Marty Roberts aims to donate the unique relic to the Yosemite Climbing Museum.

Editor’s Note: Alpinist 31 has been sent off to the printer and will be shipped to subscribers and retail stores soon. On the last page of this issue is a collage of Marty Roberts’ copy of Yosemite Climber–a book that encapsulates Valley climbing in the 1970s. Roberts and Roger Breedlove worked together to wrangle signatures from yesteryear’s legends onto this single copy. The result is not only a unique retrospective of quips and remembrances, but it’s also a way to raise money for ailing Yosemite pioneer Jim Bridwell. Roberts explains more below and in Alpinist 31. Subscribe to Alpinist.

A page signed by Jim Pettigrew.

“The total commitment by each of us seems to bring the energy level to an unbelievable pitch. From an oblique corner of my mind, I perceive this energy flow to be seen and felt equally well by the others.”–Billy Westbay (RIP) from “Team Machine”

In December 2008, I learned that Jim Bridwell, climbing pioneer and hero to many of us, was suffering from serious health problems–partly caused by a climbing accident–and financial difficulties. I wanted to heed the call to “Help the Bird.”

I’ve always been fascinated by climbing history and the power of images to inspire. Though I’m years younger than any of the characters from the heyday of the 1970s Camp 4 scene, Valley routes and lore have shaped my perspective on commitment, style and drive. My contribution to the cause has been to offer up my copy of George Meyer’s seminal book, Yosemite Climber, to be autographed and sold to support Jim and his family.

When Roger Breedlove, an original Yosemite Valley local, offered both his assistance and his extensive list of far-flung friends, the project took on a whole new dimension. Over months, the act of passing the book–from climber to climber–re-energized dozens of old friendships. In the process, it also created a one-of-a-kind document.

Pages signed by Kevin Worral and Rick Accamazo.

From the beginning, this project has been an exercise in trust. My objectives now are simple:

1) Help the Bird financially

2) Keep the book in the community by donating it, if possible, to the Yosemite Climbing Museum. A document this unique deserves to be shared collectively.

Starting today, July 1, 2010, I’ll be accepting pledges to raise money for Jim Bridwell at my blog, under the Help the Bird title.

How to help:

Post your pledge in the comment section then send your contribution via PayPal to jackalope415 at All pledges will be visible and public. On August 1, the pledge window will close and I’ll send the final pledge amount to Jim at his home in Palm Desert, California. Think about Jim’s contribution to this community over the past five decades, put a dollar figure to that–and then double it! This is about community, trust and helping one of our visionaries. Please do what you can.

“One another and especially our greatest inspirations and leaders are all we’ve got.” —Roy McClenehan on

Ammon McNeely: “These three photos is what it’s all about: climbing to high places and having a good time with your friends.”