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Scenes from the Alpinist Office on Deadline

Scenes from the Alpinist office in the final stages of the production cycle. After months of working with writers to edit, revise and fact-check the stories that make up Issue 47 of our magazine, all that’s left for editors Katie Ives, Gwen Cameron and Shey Kiester to do is proofread. Thanks to Editorial Intern Brad Rassler ( for taking this snapshot (or three) of deadline day at Alpinist.

Managing Ed. Gwen Cameron and her dog, TK, pick through the Mountain Profile at the Alpinist and Backcountry Magazine offices in Jeffersonville, Vermont.

Assistant Ed. Shey Kiester gets a hug from the office “therapy dog” TK while Cameron wields a red editing pen.

Editor-in-Chief Katie Ives considers Forest McBrian’s chronicle of exploration in the North Cascades’ remote Picket Range. In the process of working with a writer on each Mountain Profile, Ives accrues a considerable stack of anthropology, philosophy, history and–of course–climbing books in an exhaustive research effort. We’re starting to think she needs a bigger office.