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The Future of Alpinist

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Alpinist was founded in 2002 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Twenty-five issues, four film festivals and three websites later, we’re still psyched, and we’re still growing.

In April Alpinist opened its first office outside Jackson; our business team now keeps us going from Chicago. And last week, too big for our britches here in Jackson, we moved from Alpine Lane (so befitting–we know) to Maple Way (see video above).

Make way for Dan Long, Alpinist production manager, as he unloads another truckfull. Last week Alpinist moved offices to 1135 Maple Way. [Photo] Christina Erb

Issue 25

For us at Alpinist, Issue 25 was a particularly important project–it marked not only a significant milestone for us as a publication, but more importantly, a milestone for the readership that supports us. As tribute to our readers, we wanted 25 to reflect the American climbing community and its history, and we could think of no better icon than El Cap. “Above all, Issue 25 was a way to express our gratitude to the readers and climbers from all generations who have inspired and supported our work, by trying to create something that would echo as many of their own voices as possible,” says Katie Ives, Alpinist senior editor. “El Cap has brought out the best in climbers, and in the same way, we wanted 25 to bring out the best in Alpinist.”

Issue 25 serves not only as a look back at the history of our publication, but it moves us into Alpinist’s future. “Our culture is at the start of a new-media revolution, one that will bring major changes to the manner and forms of expression of artists in all genres… the combination of the print and the web media will allow Alpinist to become more all-encompassing, more whole.”

Alpinist Film Festival: Growing Passionately

Entering its fifth year, the Alpinist Film Festival continues to expand with each event. Every festival night in Jackson has sold out, so adding four tour locations for 2008–Bend, OR earlier this spring and Bozeman, MT, Boulder, CO and Salt Lake City, UT this autumn–was a decision that came very easily (read more about the 2008 Tour). Like our People’s Choice Awards night in Jackson, also new for 2008, each tour venue will screen award-winning climbing, skiing and surfing films that tell stories, the Alpinist way.

Interested in having your own screening? Also new this year are the Silver Screen Sessions, a kit prepared with everything needed for a school group, club, gear shop–or just a group of friends–to host an Alpinist Film Festival of their own (read more about the Silver Screen Sessions). An eight-city tour has been proposed for 2009.

Moving, Into the Digital Age

As the magazine and film festival continue to offer more Alpinist to more readers, expect our online offerings to grow as well. We’re sharing Alpinist with more than 50,000 online readers every month, and now we’re getting intimate with hundreds more on our Facebook page (become a fan of Alpinist on Facebook here; just sign in and click “Be a Fan” in the upper right corner).

While we are working always to foster positive new directions for Alpinist, its founding principals will always remain. Integrity, style–these are the things we see in climbing, and they are what you can always expect from us.

–The Folks at Alpinist

The (almost) empty space at 1160 Alpine Lane. Alpinist intern Peter Nelson works hard, lifting his instant coffee. [Photo] Christina Erb

Our new Addresses:

Editorial: 1135 Maple Way / PO Box 4956 / Jackson, WY 83001 / 307-734-0600

Business: 1901 N. Clybourn, Suite 302 / Chicago, IL 60614 / 773-472-0326