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C.A.M.P. USA XLC390 Crampons

MSRP: $125

The C.A.M.P. USA XLC 390 is the lightest semi-rigid twelve-point crampon in the world. CAMP achieves this featherweight construction by using 7075 aluminum alloy. The XLC 390 automatic binding (also available in new-matic and strap-on styles), designed for alpinism and ski touring, has been valuable to me this spring and early summer. I have used these crampons to compete in the grueling Pierra Menta, a four-day ski-mountaineering competition held in France, as well as to make numerous spring ski descents and summer climbs high in the Alps and Tetons. I have front-pointed alpine ice and climbed sections of rock; both with great results. If you are looking for a light, durable crampon, the XLC 390 is for you.