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Cloudveil Serendipitiy Jacket

MSRP: $200

This jacket demonstrates Cloudveil’s ability to create clothing that performs well in the backcountry yet also corners the fashion market for the “post-adventure” night out on the town. Compared to the other soft shells on the market, the Serendipity “fits to flatter,” but it is also comfortable enough to wear three weeks straight while guiding Denali. The fleece-lined color is comfy, the fabric is thoroughly durable and wind and water resistant, and the wrist cuffs are easy to Velcro tight. I loved how water beaded up on it during drizzly days in the Buttermilks. Cloudveil’s designers were definitely using their noggins when they placed the pockets out of the harness’s way. Genius. All around a must-have layer for that cold and not-too-wet weather out there.