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Mammut Courmayeur Pants

MSRP: $180

The Mammut Courmayeur Pant is our choice over the popular Champ due to it’s reinforced patches over the knees, seat and cuff. They add durability and longevity from the daily wear and tear of crampons, ski edges and rocks. With many miles under my belt wearing these chaps, they hardly look any different from when I bought them. While they definitely seems a little more suited for the colder months, you can wear them into late spring by keeping the layering to a minimum and maybe choosing the lighter taupe color-way to reduce the heat from the sun. As always, the Schoeller 3XDRY performs to a “T” in regards to balancing water resistance and breathablity for “on the go” activities. Most of the time I like to wear them with a nice wind brief or boxer to help keep the core warm when the wind picks up. I have about five different pairs of boots I wear with these and they range dramatically in cuff size, so I love to be able to adjust the tension at the bottom. Lucky with the Courmayeur you can.