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Metolius Logo Sock: Summer Style


MSRP: $9 per pair

A stylish–and useful–new accessory released this year is Metolius’ Logo Sock. The sock is considered the most important accessory, second to the shoe, in most circles. Who wouldn’t want a pair of high performance socks with Metolius’ iconic little climber dude on the cuff? For me, they were a wish-list must have! Not only would they enhance the most important fashion accessory–the shoe–the little dude would be accessorizing and performing alongside my most important piece of equipment: my feet on a summer climbing tour. I suppose, in this case, it would be a summer sock tour.

I started my sock tour in June, hiking steep talus cones to deserted high-desert walls in search of shady splitters. This was just a warm up before my season officially started. The real plan was to head north to Idaho and Wyoming for some long granite routes.

Looking forward to using this stylish accessory in the Tetons, I was shocked when only one sock made it out of the washing machine. What to do? Did this mean I only had to write 250 words? I grabbed another abandoned sock out of the laundry basket and headed to Idaho.

I used the CoolMax sock in a non-breathable leather approach shoe for day-trips to the crags and long days approaching and climbing grade 3+ routes in Idaho’s wilderness. My foot was dry, and the sock felt almost dry when taking off my shoes. There was no rubbing or blistering. It washed out well while camping and dried fast. The performance for this thin sock was good. Too bad I only had one.

In Wyoming, I was dumping out the contents of my pack when–Whoa!–my lost Metolius Logo Sock appeared! Yeah!

The rest of the summer passed as peacefully as it could, now that I didn’t have to wear mis-matched socks while climbing the social trail up Garnet Canyon to the Grand Teton’s high camp.

Editor’s Note: Five-hundred words! Thank you, Aimee, for finding the missing sock.

Pros: Stylish looking; control moisture well; do not hold odor; durable; average to low price for performance.

Cons: Warm weather only; too short for high-top boots; only one color option; apparently they are easy to lose.