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Home » Mountain Standards » Metolius Ultralight Power Cams: A Perfect Rack-Up Buddy

Metolius Ultralight Power Cams: A Perfect Rack-Up Buddy


MSRP: $56.50-62.50

Weight: 45-150 grams (1.6-5.3 ounces)

I just returned from a rock-climbing trip to northern Patagonia’s Bariloche, where we visited the new areas of La Buitrera and Roca Parada, a thousand-foot tower in the middle of the Patagonian pampa near Esquel. The new ultra-light Metolius Power Cams were our weapons of choice for all small cracks. Aside from being extremely light, the cams performed just as well on Patagonian granite as they did on andesite and sandstone. They are easy to place, have great range and holding power (5-10 kN, varying with size), and tested well in real life on numerous pitches, including a slippery 5.10c high off the deck.

Additionally, with these cams, I found myself having many more gear options, as the range offered by the Power Cams outdid that of similarly sized Camalots. I even ended up finishing pitches with gear to spare. With this in mind, the cams work great on both aid and free climbs.

But what really called my attention to just how dependable these pieces are is how well the cams gripped to the wall when loaded or when bearing an outward force. They were literally welded to the rock, and, as an added bonus, were easier to remove than most other small cams I have used before. The Power Cams are a super dependable piece of hardware, and from now on they’ll be a must-have on my rack.

Pros: Excellent for all types of rock; lightweight; great range; cheaper than comparable units.

Cons: I really did not see any problems with the Power Cam. They performed so well that after testing a couple, I felt like updating my entire rack!