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Mountain Hardwear EV2 Tent

MSRP: $625

The Mountain Hardwear EV2 tent is so high tech, when I’m in it, I feel as if I am in the space shuttle. With its integrated vestibule, it’s kind of shaped like one too. The three-pole design and non-stretching fabric reinforcements make it out-of-this-world sturdy against the warp-speed winds at high altitude. The four inside and outside operating vests work awesomely when things start to heat up or when your partner doesn’t hydrate his meal enough. Its weight is unbelievable: 4lbs. 14oz. to be exact, for this type of four-season, expedition-quality shelter. While at $625, you might want to start saving for one of those up-and-coming shuttle fights instead, believe me, it’s money well spent. The R&D that must have gone into this tent is mind-boggling. It seems as though every tiny, little detail has been well thought out and executed in complete style. If you can afford it, whether it is for Denali, Ama, or the Grand in winter, this tent will not let you down.