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Forty-Three Dollars For Rainier

The following is a NewsFlash with the purpose of providing our readers with quick access to breaking news. Alpinist will follow up on this story with more information and commentary as it becomes available. -Ed

A climber in Rainier’s summit crater. As of today this view will cost climbers 43 dollars in permit fees. [Photo] Keese Lane

Starting today those looking to climb on Mt. Rainier will be charged an annual climbing permit fee of 43 dollars for the privilege of venturing onto the mountain’s glaciers or traveling above 10,000 feet. This is a 13-dollar increase from the previous 30-dollar climbing permit. Youth (under age 25) will only be charged 30 dollars for a Youth Climbing Permit.

This permit will be valid for the calendar year in which it was purchased, with November and December permits being valid for the following year. The Park Service blames rising costs in their mountaineering program for the fee increase. The specific sources of these increased costs include the whole permit infrastructure, weather monitoring, maintaining rangers on the mountain as well as environmental clean up and monitoring.