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Manaslu Update

UPDATE: A first person account of the avalanche by Greg Hill (one of the rescuers) is linked here. Glen Plake’s initial account is located here.

The debris field near the site of Camp 3. [Photo] Alpine Ascents International

Five helicopters spent the day ferrying injured climbers from the wreckage of Camp 3 (20,500ft.) on the northeast face of Manaslu (8156m). At least nineteen injured climbers have been ferried off the mountain in the wake of a massive avalanche.

A helicopter ferries victims off the mountain. [Photo] Alpine Ascents International

At 4:30 a.m. (local time) on Sunday, September 23, a serac fall at 7000m triggered an avalanche that buried all twenty-five tents in Camp 3 (6248m) and a dozen in Camp 2.

The injured are prepared for transport off the mountain. [Photo] Alpine Ascents International

At this time search and rescue efforts have been suspended with French Press quoting Nepal’s Minister of Tourism announcing, “The chances of finding survivors are now non-existent.” Current reports have eight or nine climbers dead on the mountain, two missing and another, possibly German, climber dead after undergoing surgery in Kathmandu.

More information is available in our source list.

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