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Swiss Machine Videos

At the end of April Ueli Steck climbed Shishapangma in 10.5 hours. 18 days later, on May 5, Steck and Dan Bowie climbed Cho Oyu, in preparation for Mt. Everest. Of Cho Oyu, Steck writes, “Sure it is a less technically demanding route. Nevertheless, the summit is 8201 meters high. Each person has his or her own objective. Whether one starts from 7600 meters to reach the summit or whether someone needs 10 hours or 20 hours does not matter. Each of these people brings their own experiences back home with them, and that’s what counts. I will take good memories back home from Cho Oyu. Now, I am a little tired.”

As we post this, Steck should be in the process of packing up camp and heading onto the next mountain of the season, Everest. We thought we’d take this as an opportunity to share some of the videos his team has put together.

Himalaya Speed PART 1: Khumbu Training from Mountain Hardwear on Vimeo.

Ueli Steck Climbing Shisha Pangma (8027m) from Mountain Hardwear on Vimeo.