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Tomaz Humar Injured in Nepal, Rescue in Progress

Langtang Lirung (7227m), Langtang Himal, Nepal. Rescue teams are searching for Slovenian solo climber Tomaz Humar, who apparently fell and is injured at ca. 6300m on the peak. [Photo] Lindsay Griffin

Tomaz Humar has been stranded since Monday on Langtang Lirung (7227m) in the Langtang Himal of Nepal, and rescue efforts to reach the injured Slovenian mountaineer are in progress.

On Monday, Humar used a satellite phone to notify a friend in Slovenia that he was injured. A Sherpa rescue team subsequently mobilized, fixing ropes today up to ca. 6300m, where Humar is thought to be. But the climber has not been found.

Tomorrow the rescue team will continue searching for Humar with the support of a spotting helicopter.

Rescuers and coordinators have heard nothing more from Humar and have been unable to reach him via satellite phone.

Local news sources speculate that Humar has a broken leg and broken ribs.

Rescue coordinator and fellow Slovenian climber Viki Groselj has called the situation very serious. He added that Humar’s exact location and health is unknown.

The Swiss rescue team Air Zermatt is en route to Kathmandu in hopes of supporting the rescue.

“Our biggest challenge will be to arrange the permit for our pilot to fly an Nepalese helicopter,” said Gerold Biner, Air Zermatt’s chief pilot.

Humar is one of the most recognized high-altitude solo climbers. He was rescued from Dhaulagiri in 1999 and Nanga Parbat in 2005.

Alpinist will post more rescue information in NewsWire as it becomes available.

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