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Chess. Bridge. Tug of war. Climbing?

So the Olympics are coming up, and there’s protesting and Everest is closed, blah blah. To add to the cacophony, people are talking about sport climbing in the Olympics for 2016. I found this page on the olymipic website.

First of all, I didn’t realize climbing was a sport. I’d say it’s more of a pastime or activity for most of us. Even competition climbing indoors doesn’t seem like a sport to me–competitive, like the name suggests, sure, but not a sport.

Perhaps it doesn’t matter, though. Look at the other absurd activities that the International Olympic Committee recognizes as sports. Chess, bridge, tug of war? Imagine a packed stadium enraptured by a bridge game. I can see it now. Granted, it would be easier to judge than “mountaineering and climbing.” Maybe the gold should just automatically go to the Piolet d’or winner. Cause that’s fair.

Oh yeah, and the sports have to “apply the Olympic Movement Anti-Doping Code” to continue being recognized. Billiard doping. Sweet.

If this is climbing in the limelight, sign me up–i don’t think it could get any more humorous.