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Emilie Lee’s Journal Art

Artist and climber Emilie Lee recently held an exhibition of her art journals for the premier opening of the Rostel Gallery in Dunsmuir, CA. Some of her rich collages were first published in Issue 6 (Spring 2004) as “The Dumpster Diaries,” a colorful slice of Lee’s climbing adventures and the “dirtbag culture.” In Lee’s words: “These journals are an intimate portrait of my life, which not only captures a pivotal era in my development as an artist, but also a passing season which has shaped a generation of climbers.”

[Photo] Emilie Lee

At The Rostel Gallery, five original journals were on display and thirteen selected pages were reproduced in large scale limited editions. A complete list of images, sizes and prices are on the Rostel Gallery website. If you can’t decide on one, a catalog is for sale that includes the entire show as well as an artist’s statement.

The opening reception in Dunsmuir on July 5th, 2007. [Photo] Emilie Lee

This catalog is available for $20.00 on the Rostel Gallery Website. [Photo] Emilie Lee

“Offwidth Day” 40 x 33 inches [Photo] Emilie Lee

“Beach Art” 18 x 22 inches [Photo] Emilie Lee

“Topping Out” 18 x 20.5 inches [Photo] Emilie Lee

“Vertical Addictions” 20 x 24 inches
[Photo] Emilie Lee

Emilie Lee is currently based in Salt Lake City and works in a variety of media including oil painting, collage, video, animation, and illustration. To keep up with her current projects you can visit Emilie’s blog.