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Greed and the Nanny-State Mating Again

I‘d like to welcome myself back. Applause is not needed, but not unwelcome. In any event, it took only twenty minutes in front of my newly repaired computer to stumble across this most recent egregious affront to decency (scroll down to the bottom for the story). It took a few more minutes to find a new blood pressure medication.

For those of you lacking the motivation or literacy skills, the article briefly details the intention of the good folks at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort to install a (likely some) via ferrata route(s) at Teton Village to allow “people who haven’t climbed before to ‘get the experience without risk'”.

Apparently, the American public’s inability to take any risks that don’t involve processed foods has now expanded into a realm so close to the beloved and historic Tetons that my only recourse is to weep silently and shake my fist in impotent rage at the bastard love child of greed and the nanny state. It’s an ugly child.

The SuperTopo thread discussing the iniquities foisted upon us by our tax dollars and the unfettered forces of development can be found here.