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Keep Working at What You Love

[Photo] Carl Shook

Just saw the notice about the fire. My stomach turns at the thought of all those back issues burning. I had just saved enough to buy that set of the first 10 issues, but my inconvenience pales in comparison to your very real material loss and the shock of seeing so much work go up in smoke.
It also reminds me that the most important thing is to keep working at what you love and make your own adventures; no back issue or water bottle makes up for inhaling ice-crystals and grit at 3 am, wanting to puke while placing gear, or simply topping out with a good friend and splitting the last gulp of water.

Rest assured, I’ll keep snatching up issues as soon as they are released at the news-stand. Alpinist has sustained me through graduate school in one of the flattest, urbanized places on earth, and I am grateful for, and proud to support, a publication that sticks to its guns, er, ice-tools, and continues to write about what matters about climbing–the adventure, the freedom, and the bizarre and committed tribe of climbers the world over who share this passion.

I’m grateful I’ll be climbing this Christmas; hope everyone at Alpinist, and all its readers, are able to get out and do the same.

— Carl, Chicago, IL