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The Mont Blanc Massif’s enormous expanse, divided into three separate nations, is completely free of protected status. Pro Mont Blanc aims to change that. But first they need to find out what’s going on in the region. Thus, they’re created the The Mont Blanc Thermometer, an multi-agency project that will spend the next year and a half determining the status of 80 indicators of the health of the mountain. This project will aim to repeat itself every few years to draw a picture of the changing nature of the Massif. Check out the website to learn more:

“This exceptional monument of the natural world and its surrounding area has neither national nor international protection.
The Mont Blanc Massif and its territory are under threat from climate change, environmental pollution, the transit of international freight traffic, the gradual disappearance of traditional agriculture and other processes of extreme transformation.
There’s a need to create a trans-boundary instrument that can measure the condition of Mont Blanc: a thermometer to determine the area’s state of health and assess improvements.”