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You May Be an Alpinist If…

(Reprinted with permission)

You may be an Alpinist if…

You own a pee bottle.

You’ve drank out of your pee bottle.

You’ve let your partners drink out of your pee bottle without telling them.

You only use dental floss for repairs.

You’ve passed out under a bush/in a park in some strange foreign town.

You’ve shit/sharted your pants whilst climbing in a foreign country due to dysentry.

You think you may need to get a STD test as soon as you get back from a

Everything you love fits into those rubbermaid bins.

You eat food you’d never touch at home.

You can talk about food, sex, and climbing commands in at least three other languages.

You find your own people “foreign”.

You’ve slept in more airports in the last year than hotels.

You have a place to stay in pretty much every country on the planet.

You’d rather live with your parents than waste precious trip money on rent/food.

You’ve wiped your ass with your hand.

You’re pissed off about paying more than 1.00$ for any kind of Asian food.

You’re pissed off about paying more than .50$ for a beer.

You find most Muslims more enjoyable to be around than members of your

You know a crazy Russian/Pole/Czech/Slovenian.