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Adventure Exclusive

HG Productions

HG Productions has teamed with Alpinist to offer seven shorts from Higher Ground, a premier mountain culture film coming this spring. This sixth installment features Josh Wharton and Phil Gruber, who explain the importance of efficient climbing and friendship while ascending The Free Nose in Colorado’s notoriously adventurous Black Canyon. This short is available only on Alpinist TV. Make sure to stay tuned for the other exclusive video bites from the HG crew.

Higher Ground celebrates exploration through the eyes of North America’s most accomplished vertical pioneers. From big wall ascents in Zion and the Black Canyon to first ski descents in coastal British Columbia, Higher Ground captures the continent’s most inaccessible terrain–and the people who thrive there. A lens into their boundary-breaking passion illustrates what mountain culture is: an obsession.

Higher Ground is now available on DVD at

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