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Ascending The Giants

Uncage the Soul Productions and Nau: The Collective

Alpinist discovered the video at Nau, a
new technical outdoor apparel company. Their media section, The Collective, features stories of positive change.

Ascending the Giants is an ongoing series of expeditions lead by two arborists, Brian French and Will Koomjain, to measure the largest tree of each species. These trees demonstrate the pinnacle of what a species can be; they are called champion trees.

Now with the support of photographer Sean O’Connor and videographer John Waller the team is able to capture some of the first and only footage inside the canopies of these remarkable trees.

With the goal of aiding preservation efforts for champion trees, Ascending the Giants plans to showcase these specimens to increase knowledge of their existence and their ecological importance.

For more of John Waller’s work, and play, visit his website,