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Tribute to Sir Ed Hillary From Nepal

Sir Ed Hillary will always live in the hearts and memories of the thousands of Sherpas who know him. As a tribute I wish to share with you some parts of Sir Ed Hillary’s life that has touched me and my family personally.

Namaste and Warm New Year’s Greetings From Nepal

Although Mt. Everest is the highest peak in the world, she is still a fragile “Mother Goddess” in terms of global warming. The first Eco-Everest Expedition 2008 will study the effects of global warming on the Himalayan Glaciers and to document the high risk to the people and the land in case of a glacial lake outburst flood…


As a leader of our community and well informed about the effect of global warming, i feel it is my duty to spread awareness of this issue to all concerned authorities, environmentalists, local community and all our mountaineering friends. The natural treasures are for all of us…