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Climmbing for…Puzzlement?

Puzzled instead of surprised because it’s becoming increasingly obvious with every passing month that that is precisely what climbing is becoming…

Opinion of a Chinese Reader

Some young people, like myself ten years ago, thought the west must be filled with idealism, democracy, prosperity and fairness. Well, if I have to put one adjective on how western media has reported the riot, the only word I can think of is “prejudice.”


While reading the weekly feature about Ontario ice, I noticed the sole picture of Minnesota ice climbing. I felt it necessary to add to the discussion by indicating that Nightfall (WI4+, 60m), Minnesota’s longest natural ice fall, is also the site of the Gentleman’s Occasional. This almost annual event is, likely, the most important gathering of ice climbing enthusiasts in the country.

Egos and Word Counts

Having just read Marko Prezelj’s article, “Based on a True Story” in Alpinist 21, I have to say that I am disappointed. While few people would deny that Prezelj is one of the most accomplished climbers in the world today, and that he had a mind-boggling year in 2006, I put down the issue with a bad taste in my mouth.