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Sarah Hueniken

Black Diamond LiveWire Quickdraw: The Deluxe Sport Rig

Sometimes you have to try new gear that’s really good to realize that your old stuff just isn’t as effective as you thought. This was my experience when trying out the new Black Diamond LiveWire Quickdraws. Though not light, BD’s deluxe sport rig offers big and beefy ‘biners with features that enable quick and efficient clipping. Whether pushing tricky sport clips or extending ice and mixed protection with a gloved hand, this quickdraw truly makes the job easier.

Petzl Laser Sonic Ice Screws

There seems to be quite a bit more brand-loyalty in the realm of ice climbing gear than in other arenas of equipment purchase. But is this partisanship and almost red state-blue state vehemence really necessary, or can brands play together nicely?