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Tad Welch

Illustration by Alex Nabaum

Our Eiger Drama

In a letter to the editor, longtime Alpinist reader Tad Welch examines our looming environmental crisis from the perspective of a roped team braving the odds on the Eiger Nordwand. He writes, “As we enter what may be one of the darkest times of our country’s history, I feel an obligation to subject my most basic values to the utmost scrutiny…. I must never put my rope mates in harm’s way because I expect the mountain to become benign–when history proves otherwise–simply because I think it will. Off the hill, I am roped to more than a close friend or two. A rope of seemingly infinite length connects me to strangers of all ethnicities, languages, and beliefs–and to generations yet unborn.”

The Other Olympians

Each year 2,000 to 4,000 Tibetans peacefully resist the oppression in their homeland by escaping across the Himalayas. Freedom. Alpine style.