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Aimee Barnes

DMM Shadow Quickdraws: Hot-Forged Goodness

With a huge rack in my pack and a bunch of loose ‘biners and runners for alpine draws, I sometimes overlook a fundamental piece of climbing gear: the standard quickdraw. New for spring 2008 DMM is introducing the Shadow Quickdraw. The Shadow is a desirable piece of gear for the discerning climber who wants full-sized carabiners yet appreciates that ultimate combination: light weight and super strong.

MSR 2-Liter DromLite Bag: Adaptable Functionality

This summer while wandering around Utah, Idaho and Wyoming, I had a new item in my backpack. Although the two-liter Mountain Safety Research DromLite bag may not have had the glamour or intrepidness associated with a rope or cams, it seemed functional–and I was curious. Many of my climbing partners have long sworn by their MSR hydration bags. Would the DromLite be a suitable “fast and light” successor to the time-tested black Dromedary Bag?

Metolius Logo Sock: Summer Style

A stylish–and useful–new accessory released this year is Metolius’ Logo Sock. The sock is considered the most important accessory, second to the shoe, in most circles. Who wouldn’t want a pair of high performance socks with Metolius’ iconic little climber dude on the cuff? For me, they were a wish-list must have! Not only would they enhance the most important fashion accessory–the shoe–the little dude would be accessorizing and performing alongside my most important piece of equipment: my feet on a summer climbing tour. I suppose, in this case, it would be a summer sock tour.

Metolius Monster Rope: Worth the Weight

When you hear the name “Monster,” it may conjure visions of a huge, ugly beast. Or for all you movie buffs it might bring a horrifying vision of Charlize Theron and Christina Ricci. Scary. Luckily, when I hear the name “Monster,” I associate it with Metolius’ climbing rope line–burly and strong.